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Unique Gifts From Recycled Canning Jars!


These personalized candy jars were created from recycled glass jars using Egress Etch stencils and etching supplies.

Want a great Father's Day or Mother's Day gift that doesn't cost a whole lot?

       Liz wanted unique gifts for her parents "who had everything." She was also on a very limited budget. She writes: "I kept looking at all the glass jars sitting in my recycling bin awaiting collection on garbage day and thinking, 'there must be something creative I can do with these.' Then, I came across your website and decided to try my hand at glass etching!"

       Liz ordered our pattern number 06-06-130 with a bird and cherries, and had us include the lettering for "Mom" and "Dad." She filled Dad's completed jar with peanuts and Mom's with her favorite candy. Both parents were thrilled with their daughter's thoughtfullness and ingenuity -- and that she'd listened to all their lessons on thrift!

       "This idea worked out so well that I wanted to share it with other EgressEtch customers," Liz tells us. "My first project used standard-sized canning jars, but I'm going to try other sizes, too. You wouldn't believe what a variety containing commonly used products you can find at the grocery store! I'm making up my Christmas gift list now around mayonaise jars, jelly jars, pickle jars, pasta sauce jars, square olive oil bottles, etc. and tailoring the size and contents to the intended recipient, with gifts ranging from bath salts to home-made candles!"

       She plans to top some with colorful fabric and ribbons and some with crocheted doilys. We also suggest a tin lid "pierced" in a design to match the etching!

       Note from Egress Etch: It is more difficult to wrap a stencil around rounded or steeply angled jars, so those with straight sides make the easiest projects. Never try to etch textured glass!

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