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Egress Etch is now back and better than ever! We hope to hear from you soon about your custom glass etching stencil needs.

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Garage door windows etched using Egress Stencils and supplies       Using state-of-the art computers and cutters, Egress Etch  can create stencils in hundreds of beautiful patterns, sized for you to etch everything from wedding goblets to store fronts, fireplace screens to patio doors, pocket mirrors to plate glass windows.

        Etch a scene on your glass tub enclosure, or etch your company logo right into the glass in your entry door. We can help you with everything from period home restorations to unique craft projects, bazaar best-sellers, or one-of-a-kind promotional items for your business — the possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Choose a design from our catalog, or let us custom-cut* a design exclusively for you. (Can you guess what type of project this etched piece is part of? Click here or on the photo to find out!)

       We also offer complete do-it-yourself etching stencil kits, including stencil, etching compound and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. The average project takes less than an hour!

       PLEASE NOTE: Due to the necessity of a very tight seal between stencil and glass surface, Egress Etch stencils are made from adhesive backed vinyl and are SINGLE USE ONLY -- THEY ARE NOT REUSABLE!  If you are etching a number of pieces in the same pattern, you must order a stencil for each piece.

       See links at left for our Custom Glassware Stencils flyer in PDF format. We hope to have more sections of our catalog available online in the future. Until then, tell us, via  Email OR "snail mail" about the project(s) you have in mind so we can send you materials that suit your needs. Due to the size and number of graphics in our catalog, we cannot email it to you, so be sure we have your full standard mailing address. Egress Etch does not share our customer's information with other companies. We do not sell our mailing list nor do we purchase mailing lists from others.

       *We at Egress Etch take pride in our work and never knowingly use other people's designs without their permission. We cannot cut stencils using registered, trade-marked, licensed, or copyrighted materials. It is our clients' responsibility to ensure that any artwork submitted to us is absolutely original or that written permission has been granted for us to create a stencil from the copyrighted design.


e-gress (é gres) n 1. the act or right of leaving. 2. a way out, exit. 3. the emergence of a celestial object from eclipse.

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