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Ordering Your Stencils:

What is "Weeding?"

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This basement window was etched from a stencil weeded FE Full Etch. The pattern is clear and the background is etched.

       When ordering your stencils, you will be asked whether you want them "unweeded," or "weeded." Weeding, also known as "peeling" or "picking," is the process of removing the portion of stencil that will be etched.

       The drawings below illustrate the three weeding options (the black part is the stencil remaining after weeding):

This example shows a PX or "pattern etch" weeded stencil. This example shows a Full Etch stencil. This example shows an unweeded stencil.

Pattern Etch (PX)

A stencil weeded PX will produce an etching in which the background will be clear glass and the pattern will be etched.

Full Etch (FE)

A stencil weeded FE will produce an etching in which the pattern will be clear glass and the background will be etched (as in the example at the top of the page).

Unweeded (UW)

The stencil is cut and you can weed it any way you choose.

       Remember, the portions you weed out of the stencil will be coated by the etching compound and etched. The areas covered by the stencil will remain clear.

       Weeding does take some time and patience, but it is not difficult. You can either weed your stencil before or after applying to the glass; Egress Etch includes a free "Tips and Tricks" sheet for successful weeding with each order. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to help you.


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Egress Etch will also weed your stencils for you, but there is an additional cost, depending on your design. Please contact us for a quote for weeding service.


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