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       Etched glassware adds a beautiful and permanent touch to any occasion. Custom etched glasses are a popular favor for weddings, parties, and fund-raising events. Egress Etch stencils will also work great for ornaments, plates, tiles, wine bottles, mirrors, and other smaller projects; you're limited only by your imagination! Personalized etched glass items make a treasured yet affordable gift they'll always remember and promotional items they'll never forget!

       Egress Etch Stencils for Glassware come in a variety of styles, fonts, and optional simple graphics. See links at left for our Custom Glassware Stencils flyer in PDF format.

       PLEASE NOTE: Due to the necessity of a very tight seal between stencil and glass surface, Egress Etch stencils are made from adhesive backed vinyl and are SINGLE USE ONLY -- THEY ARE NOT REUSABLE!  If you are etching a number of pieces in the same pattern, you must order a stencil for each piece.


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   Create Your Own Stencils!  

       If you don't find anything that fits your needs in our "stock" list of glassware stencils — we'll be happy to help you create your own designs! Just tell us what you'd like to say, choose a font, and give us the exact measurements of the "etch-able" area you want the design to cover. We'll do the layout and cut the stencils.

       *We at Egress Etch take pride in our work and never knowingly use other people's designs without their permission. We cannot cut stencils using registered, trade-marked, licensed, or copyrighted materials. It is our clients' responsibility to ensure that any artwork submitted to us is absolutely original or that written permission has been granted for us to create a stencil from the copyrighted design.

Price List for Custom Stencils:
$5.00 Set-up fee for each design, plus
  • Letters 1/8" - 1/4" height: $.10 per character
  • Letters 1/4" - 1/2" height: $.15 per character
  • Letters 1/2" - 1" height: $.20 per character
  • Simple Graphics: $.50 each

Minimum order is 10 stencils of one design.


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