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Animal Aid of SW MI uses unique donations jars from recycled applesauce jars and custom stencils from Egress Etch.

A unique fund-raising idea using "throw away" glass!

       A representative of a rescue group in Michigan contacted us with an interesting idea: the organization was looking for inexpensive but attractive donations jars and Becky wondered how much it would cost for us to custom-cut stencils of their logo so that she could etch some scrap 48 - 50 oz applesauce jars. Egress Etch is a very strong supporter of animal welfare efforts, and we were delighted to be able to help her achieve an economical but attractive result.

       "Everyone loves these jars!" Becky writes us. "Our volunteers keep coming up with new ideas to use them. In the photo, you see the original 'tip jar,' along with one being used to display catnip toys for sale for $1 apiece at local vet's offices and other participating businesses in support of our community spay/neuter program. We downloaded the pattern for these crocheted balls for free from the Treasured Heirlooms Crochet website and use scrap yarn and donated catnip, so the cost is next to nothing for us.

       "Another volunteer has layered the dry ingredients for home-made dog biscuits in the jar, attached the recipe with a ribbon, put on a simple cloth circle 'cap,' and sold a batch at a recent Open House. Next, she is going to try putting in a string of Christmas lights and some potpourri to sell.

       "We'll be ordering more stencils of various sizes in the future as our imaginative volunteers keep coming up with more ideas!"

       Note from Egress Etch: It is more difficult to wrap a stencil around rounded or steeply angled jars, so those with straight sides make the easiest projects. Never try to etch textured glass such as you see on the top and bottom of these jars!

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