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Sand Blasted Ceramic Tiles


Three decorative ceramic tiles sand blasted using Egress Etch stencils

These three decorative ceramic tiles were sand blasted using Egress Etch stencils!

       One of our creative clients sent us these examples of ceramic tile she was sand blasting using Egress Etch stencils.

        On the Bird and Dog tiles, the client chose to remove all layers of the glaze, for a deeply etched "relief" effect. (Click to see details of Bird and Dog tiles)

       For the Green Pepper tile, our client weeded her stencils in stages for deeper relief in parts of the design and just shading in others. To see the details of the Green Pepper tile, please click here.

       Thank you to our clients for showing us even more possibilities for Egress Etch stencils, and for letting us photograph and use their ideas on this website!

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