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Custom Etched Celtic Knot Wedding Goblets


A pair of these breath taking custom-etched Celtic knot goblets made a favorite wedding gift.

A unique gift for a unique couple...

       "Dear EgressEtch," our customer wrote, "Help! My niece is planning a Medieval / Rennaisance / Celtic-themed wedding/hand-fasting event. I've been trying to come up with a really special wedding present, and I think I want to give them a set of toasting goblets. The problem is, I'd like something more than a monogram but none of your simple graphics seem just right. Do you have any ideas?"

The lettering etched around the foot of a Celtic Knot Wedding goblet       After obtaining a few more details from "Aunt Mitz," Egress Etch designers helped her match a Celtic knot design of a man and woman intertwined for the bowl of the glass, with curved text in a Fraktur font to etch the couple's names on the foot of each glass (inset, right).

       The couple was so pleased that "Aunt Mitz" ordered another complete set of stencils to etch a pair of 4"x4" beveled glass pieces to match! She was going to let them decide whether to use them as Christmas ornaments OR as "coasters" for their wine glasses. (see below)

       We were delighted to have been a small part of a big day. Afterwards, we received the following:

       "Egress, you are artists when it comes to 'seeing' designs on glass. Thank you! You can see in your minds how all of the elements will fit together into something more wonderful than I could have imagined."

Celtic knot and lettering used to create a unique personalized Christmas ornament.

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