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Monogramed Wine Glasses


Monogramed wine glasses make a great thank you gift.

       Susan writes: "A month before Christmas last year, my friends Jim and Mary Vernon helped me move. I wanted to give them a special gift to thank them but funds were tight. I found these great glasses at a dollar store and ordered a set of ten monograms from Egress Etch for just $5.

       "I'm glad I had ten stencils! I ruined one when I put it on the glass and one of my glasses had a 'fuzz spot' because I hadn't burnished my stencil properly (I had to run out and buy another glass, too!).

       "Still, the project cost me less than $20 for a set of eight, and etching is fun! My friends were thrilled and thought I spent a fortune. I didn't! It just looked like I did, thanks to Egress Etch! This picture (top) is of Mary with one of the glasses."

Detail of the monogram etched on wine glasses using Egress Etch stencils and supplies

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