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Restored Victorian Door


Etched window insert in a restored Victorian door

Did you guess that the window on our Home page is part a project to turn an ordinary garage door into a work of art?

       This beautiful window insert in a restored Victorian- era door was etched in place, using the Egress Etch technique. Many Victorian homes originally boasted frosted or etched glass, and the Egress Etch technique makes authentic looking home restorations simple, relatively inexpensive, and fun to do yourself.

       Our client tells us, "I used this Egress Etch pattern all around my Victorian home. We used it both vertically (shown here) and horizontally (as in the garage windows) depending on the dimensions of the windows. We etched the glass for privacy and got beautiful windows as well!

       "We get lots of compliments on our etching. The stencils were very easy to use. Your recommendations and ability to size the design to all the different windows was a great benefit for our project.

       "Thank you, Egress Etch...You folks are the best!" -- a very satisfied customer

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